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Why Gryphin Advantage expects to exceed its aggressive growth targets this year

But, McMillan wants the world to know that he’s putting Gryphin on the radar. 

“Rod, who is our founder, and his team have been around since 1998, but they really stayed under the radar,” he said. “We’re starting to change that with things like our interactions with the media, but even online with LinkedIn and Twitter, so people are starting to get to know us a little better.

“I think they’ll start to see even more of us as we’re going to be taking a more active role out there in the industry in a number of different ways. But social is just an easy one for us to get out there and start to get known, and it’s already starting to pay off as people are noticing who we are, what we stand for, and the changes happening in the industry and with other dealers and MGAs, and we’re benefiting from that.”

McMillan sees Gryphin’s growth coming from two places: one, helping its advisors become more successful in their practices, client acquisition, and meeting client needs; and, two, attracting new advisors. 

Gryphin has already started actively looking for, and acquiring, the right companies for its mix, though McMillan isn’t ready to share the details yet. It’s also attracting top-tier advisors who fit, primarily from referrals from its own advisors. Gryphin now has 2,000 advisors – up from 1,600 in September – but it’s important to him that it maintains the relationships that it already has with them as well as new additions.



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