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Wealth Professional unveils research partnership

A national not-for-profit organization, WCM has been committed to accelerating equity, diversity, and inclusion in finance since it was founded in 1995. With a community of 3,500 professional and student members, it is the largest network of professionals in Canadian finance to come together to vote for increased equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The organization pursues its mission by building equity literacy, amplifying diverse talent, and uniting Canada’s finance industry. To that end, it has partnered with the major Canadian bank-owned dealers, independent and foreign dealers, asset managers, insurance firms, major pension plans, regulatory agencies, exchanges, and advisory firms.

WCM’s mandate will offer a unique and wide-ranging perspective into the Canadian financial space for WP, which strives to put a spotlight on financial, investment, and market news that has ramifications for Canadian planners and advisors, as well as their clients.

WP also engages investment professionals, planners, and advisors in conversation to gather from-the-ground insight into the issues of the day.



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