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This Week’s $65 Grocery Shopping Trip + my Amazon order

Silas helped me make a batch of Chicken Tetrazinni.

Kierstyn is learning the joy of licking the batter off the spoon!

We served pumpkin muffins on the side. (I used this recipe and just baked in muffin tins for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees.)

I’ve been eating my usual salads and toast every day for lunch.

We used some of the chicken that was on sale last week to make Barbecue Chicken.

With mashed potatoes on the side.

Of course we did Breakfast for Dinner one night, too! This week, I used some of the marked down pumpkin to make Pumpkin Waffles.

The potato deal wasn’t as good as some of the deals recently, but we were almost out of potatoes so I was excited for another deal at Kroger this week.

And this wasn’t the best deal on sausage, but it was pretty good so I picked up three packages to put in the freezer.

I was excited that there was another barbecue sauce deal — especially since I had just used the last bottle from the last sale!

Here’s what we got for $65 at Kroger. The Stovetop stuffing was marked down to $0.25/box, so I stocked up. We love to use them for Chicken Stuffing Casserole!

I also used some of the extra grocery money from being under budget the last few weeks to buy the Softsoap deal.

I posted this on Instagram — some ideas of how we might use the groceries to put together meals.



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