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Specialist Finance Group partners with Honey Insurance

Specialist Finance Group (SFG), a premier boutique financial aggregator that has been operating for more than 30 years, has partnered with Honey Insurance to help home buyers settle into their new homes faster and start proactively protecting their homes from settlement.  

“SFG is thrilled to increase the opportunities available to our brokers that help consumers,” said Blake Buchanan, general manager from SFG. “Insurance is a crucial part of a consumer’s journey when seeking finance solutions and this partnership brings efficiencies and products that we have not seen in this space before.”

According to Honey, 70% of all home purchases in Australia are facilitated through a broker, but many are delayed due to the certificate of insurance not being in place. Also, depending on how long the settlement is delayed, the total penalty and additional fees from the vendor could be costly.

SFG’s partnership with Honey solves these issues, the companies said. By embedding the insurance application in the mortgage processing platform, SFG can help customers have an easier, time-saving, and competitive way to get proactive protection for their new home.

“SFG is proud to partner with Honey with a digital process that is embedded in our SFGconnect technology that makes the referral process simple with results available within minutes,” Buchanan said.

“Honey’s mission is to provide a smarter, easier way for Australians to get covered for home insurance,” said Eoghan Trehy, VP of partnerships at Honey Insurance. “One of the things that excites us most about the Honey and SFG partnership is being able to extend this to the SFG broker network, who in turn will be able to provide additional value to their customers. We’re providing a simple and streamlined process for brokers to ensure their clients loans settle without delay, something we know has been a pain point in the past – and with Honey’s pricing-agnostic approach the broker can offer the same price to their customers as they would get online, which solidifies the value of this partnership.”



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