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Quick Troubleshooting Guide to Resolve QuickBooks Error 1402

If you continually receive QuickBooks Error 1402 while attempting to install QuickBooks Desktop or its updates, this indicates glitches in the Windows registry. In most instances, the QuickBooks installation error 1402 appears on the Windows Vista operating system but can also affect users on other operating systems. Once you encounter the error, you will see an error message “Error 1402: Could not open key” on your screen, and the ongoing QuickBooks installation will quit unexpectedly. As suggested by Intuit®, editing the Windows registry is one of the possible fixes that one can try, but it requires an in-depth knowledge of the Windows operating system. Follow the article until the end for step-by-step troubleshooting instructions.

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What is QuickBooks Error 1402?

Like other Windows programs, QuickBooks also requires additional Windows components to get installed. When the supporting components like MS MSXML, .NET Framework, or C++ stop functioning or have some issues in the installation, users face error 1402 while installing QuickBooks Desktop. Next in this article, we will see what symptoms you might notice before encountering error code 1402.

Symptoms that Shows the Presence of QuickBooks Error Code 1402

  1. The degraded performance of your Windows operating system is an indication of QuickBooks Desktop error code 1402.
  2. When QuickBooks Desktop stops responding to your commands like opening the company file, this shows the presence of error 1402.
  3. Hardware components like your mouse and keyboard might also stop responding when you get this error in QuickBooks.
  4. You might also face issues installing other programs on Windows.

What Cause QuickBooks Desktop Error 1402?

There are several reasons you cannot install QuickBooks because of error 1402. Whenever you install an application on Windows, the application makes some necessary changes to the Windows Registry entries, the errors arise when the application does not have sufficient access to make the required changes to the registry files. Error 1402 can also affect other Windows applications like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Xero, Windows drivers, and Windows security applications. Below, we have listed all the other faults that trigger QuickBooks Error Code 1402 while installing the desktop app.

  1. Errors while installing QuickBooks Desktop are common if some necessary installation files have gone missing during the installation.

  2. If your Windows operating system is not installed with the latest updates, then it can not only gives rise to installation errors like 1402 but can also trigger numerous other errors on Windows.

  3. Windows components like .Net Framework and MSXML are required to install and run third-party apps on Windows. If such components are outdated, then QuickBooks might display several errors.

  4. Sometimes Windows background applications interrupt QuickBooks installation and trigger error code 1402 to display on the user’s screen.

IMPORTANT: Before following the troubleshooting instructions, try to run reboot.bat. Running Reboot.bat, re-register QuickBooks registry files on Windows to instantly fix the error. Open QuickBooks installation folder usually located at C:ProgramDataCommon FilesIntuitQuickBooks. Double-click the reboot.bat and wait until the tool register QuickBooks in Windows Registry. Try to Update QuickBooks now.

QuickBooks Reboot File

Reboot.bat file in QuickBooks Installation Directory

Solutions to Fix Error 1402 Installing QuickBooks

Solution 1: Configure Windows Registry Settings

  1. Press Windows + R key on your keyboard and type regedit in the text box of the Run window.
  2. Press Enter or click OK.
  3. Make sure to take a backup of the registry before making any changes.
  4. Click the File tab at the top and select Export.
  5. Type a name for the backup file and save it on your Desktop.
  6. Now from the left side panel in Windows Registry, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClasses.

    Editing QuickBooks Registry in Windows Registry Editor

  7. Click Permissions from the Edit section.
  8. Click Add under the Advanced section.
  9. Select Everyone for each object name and then click OK.
  10. Checkmark the Full Control option and exit Registry Editor.
  11. Try to run QuickBooks update and if you are still getting error 1402 installing QuickBooks, then follow the next troubleshooting step.

Solution 2: Download and Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  1. Follow troubleshooting step 1 from our article on QuickBooks Error 1722, 1603, 1903 for detailed instructions on running QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
    QuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool

    QB Install Diagnostic Tool

Solution 3: Run QuickBooks in Selective Startup Mode

  1. Restart Windows and continually press the F8 key while the Windows is rebooting.
    Windows Safe Mode

    Running QuickBooks in Safe Mode

  2. From the Advanced Boot Options screen, select Safe Mode.
  3. Press Enter and sign in using an administrator account.
  4. Right-click the QuickBooks icon and select Run as Administrator if you are trying to install the QuickBooks updates.
  5. If you are trying to install the QB Desktop app, run the setup file.

Solution 4: Update Windows

  1. Follow the article and learn how to Update Windows with detailed instructions.

Solution 5: Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Click the Windows Start button on your Desktop and select Control Panel.
  2. Click Uninstall a Program from the Add/Remove Programs section.
  3. Scroll down and double-click QuickBooks. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and completely remove the application from Windows.
  4. Restart your Windows and visit QuickBooks Download
  5. Select the Country, Product, and correct Version of your QuickBooks product.
  6. Click Search and then hit Download.
  7. Open the downloaded setup file from the downloads of your computer and follow the prompts on the screen to complete the QuickBooks installation.

Solution 6: Repair Microsoft .Net Framework and MSXML

  1. Download the MSI file and save it on the Desktop of your computer.
  2. Click the Start button on the Desktop, and in the Search Programs and Files search box, type exe /fvaum “%userprofile%desktopmsxml.msi.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Now to Repair Microsoft .Net Framework, follow step 3 from our article on QuickBooks Error 61.

Troubleshooting error 1402 in QuickBooks might require multiple attempts and expertise in Windows operating system. However, under the circumstances where the error reappears after following all the troubleshooting steps, we suggest users contact Support. You can reach the direct support for resolving such installation errors at 1.800.579.0391.



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