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Links 2/7/2022 | naked capitalism

***In Haliburton, Grace the 125-year-old turtle has outlasted bubonic plague, speeding cars and ever-shrinking wetlands Narwhal

Airlines Face Unexpected Safety Issue in Pandemic: More Bird Strikes WSJ

Alberta’s response to Coutts blockade proof of discriminatory double standard, First Nations say Narwhal

Is Old Music Killing New Music? The Atlantic

Meet the Taiwanese grandparents who have become Instagram fashion sensations Scroll

Great balls of fire: A monk named Gervase saw ball lightning way back in 1195 Ars Technica

Nine killed in three days as a hundred avalanches hit Austria France 24

An Unlikely Meditation on Modern Happiness Hedgehog Review


Experts open the door to lifting last mask mandates The Hill

The 1918 flu didn’t end in 1918. Here’s what its third year can teach us. WaPo


Onward Christian Soldiers: Against The Military’s Vaccine Mandate American Conservative

Judges Weigh More Biden Vaccine-Mandate Cases After Supreme Court Rulings WSJ


Ottawa mayor declares state of emergency over ongoing trucker protests Globe and Mail

Frozen out of GoFundMe, Canadian protest convoy raises millions on Christian site WaPo


I didn’t take Covid seriously, admits leading statistician Guardian


‘We must stay at home’: Hong Kong expecting 614 coronavirus cases; health minister warns of ‘extremely severe’ situation South China Morning Post


Can Sinovac protect Indonesia from the Omicron wave? Al Jazeera


Covid: Australia to reopen borders to international travel BBC

Waste Watch

How ‘super-enzymes’ that eat plastics could curb our waste problem Guardian

Humans have breached Earth’s threshold for chemical pollution, shows a new study Scroll

Saving the night sky: New Zealand’s craziest experiment yet? BBC

Climate Change

The nuclear power dilemma: where to put the lethal waste FT

Climate change: Top companies exaggerating their progress – study BBC

Plants are flowering a month earlier – here’s what it could mean for pollinating insects The Conversation

Battery-powered trains are picking up speed Ars Technica

“What If I Can’t Insure My Home At All?” Daily Poster

Health Care

Why Don’t Medical Schools Prepare Us To Face the Void With Our Patients? The Wire

The Flu Factor: Is There a Link to Parkinson’s? Parkinson’s Foundation (martha r)

Mrs. J wanted a blanket in the emergency department. Saying no chips away at my soul Stat

Our Famously Free Press

New Cold War

Ukraine crisis: Macron says a deal to avoid war is within reach BBC

Emmanuel Macron heads to Russia on mission to de-escalate Deutsche Welle

Macron heads east on risky peacemaker mission Politico

Ukraine says don’t believe ‘apocalyptic predictions’ over Russia Al Jazeera

Why the EU needs Russian energy giant Gazprom Deutsche Welle

Ukraine is becoming a ‘powder keg story’ – always about to explode but never quite doing so INews. Patrick Cockburn.

WW3 Watch: Bloomberg misfires edition The Blind Spot

Old Blighty

Prince Charles pays tribute to ‘darling wife’ and future queen Camilla Guardian

Queen Elizabeth is hooked on political gossip Politico

NHS England waiting times for cancer referral and treatment at record high Guardian

Class Warfare

EXCLUSIVE: Trouble in paradise? Scowling Barack Obama inspects the construction of his new multimillion-dollar Hawaii mansion and controversial sea wall which his neighbors fear will erode the beachline Daily Mail (Michael Isomer). Hoisted from comments.

Corporate corruption in South Africa demands global action in response FT

Nigeria Is Planning A False Flag In Switzerland: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix Caitlin Johnstone

‘Capitalism is not a redeemable system for us’: AOC says capitalism does not benefit the vast majority of Americans and is a system run by a wealthy minority Daily Mail

Credit Suisse securitises yacht loans to oligarchs and tycoons FT

The tech giants are doling out political donations to antitrust skeptics in Congress WaPo

How the Sugar Industry Makes Political Friends and Influences Elections ProPublica


Time For a Victory Lap*  NYT (ChrisRUEcon). Hoisted from comments.

Sports Desk

Winter Olympics: Kamila Valieva’s ‘flawless’ in debut performance BBC

COVID-19 robs Olympic curlers of beloved social culture AP

A Skating Legend Powered by Slights, Real and Perceived NYT

Winter Olympics: Max Parrot wins snowboard slopestyle gold three years after cancer diagnosis BBC

NFL coaches’ claims of incentives to lose poses legal risks for league Reuters

Beat Feuz wins Olympic downhill, completes career collection AP

Mon Dieu! 41-Year-Old Frenchman Leads Oldest Podium in Olympic Skiing History WSJ

Kill Me Now

Andrew Cuomo Plans Comeback Months After Resigning Amid Sexual-Harassment Claims WSJ

Biden Administration

Manchin’s Likely Backing of Biden SCOTUS Pick Reflects Court’s Conservative Role TruthOut

Biden’s dangerous refusal to reverse Trump’s Western Sahara policy Responsible Statecraft

Are the Democrats in trouble? Gallup editor explains why the real story is that Americans hate both parties AlterNet

‘Taking the Voters Out of the Equation’: How the Parties Are Killing Competition DNUZ

Trump Transition

‘He never stopped ripping things up’: Inside Trump’s relentless document destruction habits WaPo

Trump White House staffers frequently put important documents into ‘burn bags’ and sent them to the Pentagon for incineration, report says Business Insider

Big Brother IS Watching you Watch

The Hidden Failure of the World’s Biggest Privacy Law Gizmodo

Tunisia’s top legal body turns against President Saied Al Jazeera


US outruns regional states in race for Kabul Asia Times



A king could have commanded the worst atrocities on enemies and yet built awe-inspiring temples’ Scroll

A Year Since Chamoli Disaster, Himachal’s Dam-Building Spree Unabated The Wire

This is how Bangladesh can avoid the middle income trap Dhaka Tribune


Will China’s Tall Space Goals Spur Further Competition? The Diplomat

Antidote du Jour. Tracie H. “A snowy egret at the Huntington Beach Central Park in Huntington Beach, California.”:

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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