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Last Week’s $67 Kroger Shopping Trip (+ what we ate)

I was so excited about the chicken and egg deals at Kroger this past week!

There were also a lot of great marked down items!

My best deal this past week was stumbling upon canned pumpkin for just $0.25/can!!! I bought enough to probably last all year — we’ll use it for pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, and maybe pumpkin waffles.

All totaled, I spent $67 on groceries — and we’re stocked up on chicken and eggs for a few weeks + pumpkin for the year!

I made Cheesy Hamburger Potato Soup one night — using some of the great deal on potatoes I got a few months ago!

I made some homemade crackers to go along with the soup.

We loved the soup!

And the crackers were delicious, too!

Even Baby D ate multiple spoonfuls of soup — which is a bug victory for him!

Another night, we had potatoes, smoked sausage, and carrots in thee crockpot. I don’t use a recipe: I just chop and dump into the crockpot and then cook until done.

It’s so delicious — and a filling and frugal meal!

I made homemade rolls to go along with the crockpot dinner.

I used this recipe — it was new to me and it was HUGE winner!

The rolls were so easy and quick to make — and they turned out so beautifully and soft and delicious!

One of my daily salads for lunch.

Wednesday nights are always full — we have multiple activities for multiple people in multiple places, so I usually do a grab and go dinner. We did Breakfast for Dinner this past week — make your own waffles + scrambled eggs with cheese.

The girls got these mini waffle makers for Christmas and we’ve been enjoying using them!

We also had leftovers one night — which is always the best! It cleans out the fridge, it saves money, and I don’t have to cook!



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