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David Poliquin on the principles that led to his success

The size of one’s book of business is a widely accepted hallmark of success in the financial advice business, that’s not what motivates Poliquin. Instead, he immerses himself in the deep work of developing innovative methods for assisting clients in obtaining the best returns on their assets after fees and, more critically, taxes.

Given the rising cost and complexity associated with taxes, Poliquin says demand for BGY’s services has only increased. But even beyond that, he praises his practice for its culture and principle-driven approach, along with its depth of knowledge and commitment to holistic customer service embodied by the firm’s employees.

“The people around you have to be very competent for sure, but they must also have the same values and goal, which is to put the client’s interest first,” he says. “People here are more like accountants and lawyers; our pride is in making sure we understand things from a holistic perspective so that we’re delivering the best advice we possibly can.”

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