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Are direct mail lifts wasteful?

Lift Monday: A series about the art and science of “Lifts” in direct mail fundraising.


One of the complaints people in fundraising make about direct mail lifts is that they are “wasteful.” Many go as far as to say lifts will cause a piece to fail because donors will see it as wasteful and refuse to give.

The truth about “waste” is that it”s in the eye of the beholder. Anything sent to you that you don’t want is wasteful. When it’s something you want, the idea of waste doesn’t come up.

Think of it this way: If your niece, nephew, or grandchild sent you a thick envelope packed with their drawings and notes, would you scold them for being “wasteful”? I sure hope not! Most likely it would never occur to you to think of it as anything but delightful.

Same thing in direct mail. If you stuff the envelope with irrelevant junk that donors don’t want, you are — and will be perceived as — wasteful.

But if it’s relevant, interesting, useful stuff that connect with them — not wasteful!

Some direct mail fundraisers sail very close to the wind in that area, really ramping up the chance of being seen as wasteful by the quantity (high) and quality (low) of the lifts they send. I wrote about it here: Is your direct mail fundraising just a garbage factory?

But let’s return to the central point of this whole series on direct mail lifts: When well chosen and executed, they usually improve response. And more lifts improve response more.

Every time you create direct mail, give some thought to including lifts. They are not a must-do, but they are more likely helpful than not.

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