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A Peek Into Last Week (+ my goals for this week!)

I was teaching Kierstyn how to put the EOS lip balm on… but clearly she missed the memo on the fact that you put it on your lips instead of in your mouth. In just a few seconds, she had taken a big bite out of it and swallowed it.

One of my goals for 2022 was to have a date with each of the kids every month. Silas and I went out on a little date to Smoothie King this past week for our monthly date.

We got to take care of Champ this weekend — after not getting to see him for a few weeks because of sickness. As soon as he walked in, he and Kierstyn just hugged and hugged and couldn’t stop hugging each other.

I was so excited to get to meet Jamie Finn (from Foster the Family) in person and hear her speak at a local event this week.

And I got to do something for the first time: emcee an event! (This picture was from the Q&A time with Jamie.)

I also got to interview Jamie on the podcast. Look for the episode next week (just search for The Crystal Paine Show wherever you listen to podcasts). It’s SO good!

We introduced her to the joys of licking a batter spoon!

I’m so grateful for the gift this sweet boy.

And the experiments for Science Fair commence.

He’s starting to practice standing up at PT!

And he’s obsessed with mirrors!

The small group of girls I lead at youth group had a fun evening painting pottery and eating tacos this past week. I’m so grateful for the gift of getting to be in these girls’ lives!

Can you believe she is 17??? We went to see the new Spider-Man movie together for a birthday date.

It feels weird to have a 17-year-old and yet also such a gift — I just love watching her grow wings and fly! I love watching her love life and try new things. I love hanging out with her (and her friends — they all make me laugh so much!)

I love her heart for others and the wisdom she has and how she thinks through things so deeply. I’m so grateful for how much time she sacrifices willingly to help around the house and I’m also grateful that she has such a vibrant social life (though sometimes I do have to remind her to actually get some sleep!) I love our late night talks and the fact that she now drives when we go anywhere together.

I love watching her navigate situations that could be difficult with intention and thoughtfulness. I love her heart for the Lord and her desire to honor Him with her life.

I look at the woman she is blossoming into and feel so humbled that I get to be her mom. Not a day goes by that I don’t think how proud I am of her and how grateful I am for her. Also, it’s pretty cool to get to stand on the sidelines and cheer on your kids as they step into adulthood!

My 10 Goals from Last Week

Personal Goals

Reading Goals

Family Goals

  • Take Kathrynne to a movie.
  • Go on a date with Silas.

Business/Blogging Goals

  • Write a post on How to Eat Out Less
  • Create on IG reel on 5 Things I Do Every Morning.

Book Goals

  • Finish the Step-by-Step implementation plan for the end of the book.

My 10 Goals for This Week

Personal Goals

Reading Goals

Family Goals

  • Have a family game night.
  • Watch a movie with Jesse.

Business/Blogging Goals

  • Write post with an update on my yearly goals.
  • Choose and post books for February.

Book Goals

  • Finish the Step-by-Step implementation plan for the end of the book.
  • Work on final edits before turning book in to my publisher.



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